Whitening & Moisturizing Hand Care 

➢Looking for Gel nail treatment ?

This course is recommended to the customer who has…
・dry hands
・two pieces nails

・soft and thin nails

In order to keep healthy nails…
The root of the nail “Cuticle” is the most important.

“Cuticle” is very important for the moisture and strength of nails.
Nail is reborn into a healthy and beautiful shape with the correct “Cuticle Care”

For strong and healthy nails,
The best nail care and hand care for beauty from the fingertips …


step1 Filing

We arrange the nail form by Emery Board (or filing) at first.

step2 Cuticle Care

Gently remove the keratin that accumulated around the nails. Then prepare your cuticles that were softened and moisturized. It gently removes dead skin around nails.

step3 Buffing

We use nail files to give a natural shine and smoothness to the nail surface.

step4 Whitening Peeling (*Arms are Optional.)

Steaming with a hot towel will promote blood circulation throughout your hand.
With a whitening / moisturizing lotion blended with lactic acid, sebum and dullness are removed. We loosen the hardened keratin of the skin surface and enhance the penetration effect of nutrition and moisturizing cream. This peeling is effective to encourage the penetration of the cream ingredients used in step 5.

step5 Hand Massage (*Arms are Optional.)

Massage firmly from the wrist to your fingertips using a cream with a luxurious moisturizing cream that provides nutrients necessary for the activity of skin cells and a fragrance with a deep relaxation effect.

step6 Top coat & Cuticle Oil (*Coloring is Optional.)

Using a top coat that protects the nail from ultraviolet rays, we coat the cuticle with healing oil that has a high penetrating effect on the skin.

❖charge ¥4,400 (tax inc.) / time : 60min❖

✦Optional Menu
・Oil & Scrub Pack for hands・・・¥2,200 (15min) 
・Whitening Peeling for arms ・・・¥1,100 (10min)

・Arm Massage・・・¥1,700 (15min)
・Coloring・・・¥1,100 ・Design Art・・・¥550


✦Gel Treatment✦

Advantages of Gel nail treatment are minimal damage to nails and long lasting effects. This is recommended to cure nails which are too weak to grow and for two-piece layer nails. All courses include basic cuticle care. There is an option of hard or soft gel. Depending on your nail condition, we may use both types of gel for protecting your nails.

ショートネイル フレンチ ビジューラメ

・Clear Gel Coating・・・¥6,600 (60min) for 10 nails

・Single Color Gel Coating・・・¥7,700 (80min) for 10 nails

・Color Gradation・・・¥8,800 (90min) for 10 nails

・Glitter and Gradation Coating・・・¥8,800 (90min) for 10 nails

・French design・・・¥9,900 (90min) for 10 nails

・Marble design・・・¥9,900 (90min) for 10 nails

・Acrylic Nail Extension・・・¥1,540 (15min) for 1 nail (70min for 10 nails)