We will provide you with the ideal design.
Craft your eyes from a professional perspective to fit your image and preferences.

➢Eyelash Extension
➢Eyelash Perm 

✦ Commitment
It’s because we are particular about eye makeup …

If you wash your face carefully so that your eyelashes do not come off, your makeup will remain and cause wrinkles and dullness.

Get both beautiful skin and eyelashes.
We offer extensions that are difficult to remove even with a thorough face wash.

To keep your eyelashes healthy…
Wash your face properly and receive gentle skin care.
We support healthy skin and beautiful eyes.

✦ Design
We will provide you with the ideal design…

Elegant and beautiful eyes
Gorgeous and glamorous eyes
Cute and energetic eyes
We will make our best proposal, based on your request.

20 colors available starting from basic black.
A mixed color design that matches the skin color and desired style is quite popular.

✦ Safety
Through thorough disinfection and hygiene management, you will receive treatment in a shop the focuses on cleanliness and safety.

✦ Technical capabilities
Advanced technology with excellent expertise through years of experience. Treatment is both polite and timely.
※Depending on the condition of eyelashes, treatment will be done within 1 hour.

✦ Persistence
Sophisticated technology, high quality glue and high quality ultralight eyelashes make them a lightweight, comfortable and durable solution.
Even with a thorough face wash, eyelashes are stable.

❖ charge  ¥6,600(tax inc.) / 30~90min 



❖Eyelash perm
The beauty of perm continues.
The usual morning makeup takes significantly less time.
The eyelash curler is no longer needed and the burden on the eyelashes is reduced.
We provide beautiful curls designed to optimize the effects of mascara.

*click the photo 

● Make your eyelashes healthy
●Optimal design according to the shape of the eye and eyelashes
● The best technique to make your favorite curl design
● We use perm liquid, which minimizes damage to eyelashes
● Professional eyelash treatment coating
● Beautiful eyelash tips
● Quality eyelashes that last for about 2 months

In order to keep “healthy eyelashes”, a professional eyelash artist will propose the best treatment according to the shape of your eyelashes and eyes and makeup routine.

We will check how to wear eyebrows, upside-down bristles and hair volume, and create a perm design that suits you

An eyelash curler puts a heavy burden on eyelashes and causes broken lashes!
We will advise you on the best way to perm and care for your eyelashes with our specialized knowledge and skill.

❖charge ¥4,400(tax inc.) / time : 90min❖