Over 35 years of experience

Sofym is passionate salon of caring professionals who believe in the Environ brand. We know the products perform as advertised. We’re not interested in platitudes, only effectiveness. Effectiveness translates into our customers looking and feeling their best.
Real results! 
We have been officially partnering with Environ for over 25 years.

✦Commitment to results
We provide personalized treatments to respond to individual needs. We propose the best care according to skin condition and constitution, applying knowledge through techniques gained via many years of experience.

✦We have a wide variety of equipment
 Because Sofym is a long-established salon of over 35 years, we are fully stocked and able to respond to a large variety of requests and needs. Furthermore, the Sofym philosophy of providing treatment that combines multiple machines without relying on one particular machine is extremely effective.

✦We have been providing treatment plans to customers for many years.
At Sofym, we provide a daily health and beauty plan, because a proper plan for greater health and beauty requires daily care. We will propose a worthwhile and effective plan.

Founded over 35 years ago,
Sofym continues to grow as a salon, trusted by customers of a wide range of ages.


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